About Us

Young Folks is a youth organisation which has 20 leaders and 180 participants from 12 to 25 years, as well as children from 2 to 12 years, parents and friends – the total number exceeds 1000 people.
YF Mission – to assist the youth in finding their way in life to be happy. Leaders from various groups (photographers, artists, volounteers, dancers, actors, journalists, chefs, designers, teachers, project group etc.) form the structure of Young Folks. The main office of the organisation is in Riga, as well as there is a branch in Liepaja. The main methods used in the work with the youth are as follows:
• Children teaching children
• Travelling around the world
• Lifelong learning
• Connecting generations
• Carrying out projects
• Organizing events
• Gaining real life experience while working in the organization
YF is a partner in international projects aimed at work with the youth; in addition, YF organizes its own projects in Latvia. YF participants travel around the globe, gaining new experience, participate in youth projects, attaining new skills, and organize events and festivals.