Building a House for Youth. Project #001

YF has been creating a space for youth for more than three years.We have been renting various premises during this time. In the previous year, we rented a place called ‘Yumta’; now, our youngsters have their own Workshop. However, it is not enough to realise all our potential. Therefore, we have decided to build our own house for youngsters.

We plan our future, and we believe that it is the best decision we could take. Our active youngsters are 14-19 years now, our children are 3-11 years and our adult leaders are 25-30 years. We still have 40-50 years of active life ahead that we would like to dedicate to the work on significantly important common goal for our children, and we would like to build our ideal youth centre during the next 3-5 years.
A Norwegian architecture company is ready to create a project of a house for us.

The house will have 2-3 floors, where both youth cafe and youth hostel will be present.

The ground floor: art-cafe, a furniture-manufacturing workshop where it will be possible to learn how to make a piece of furniture, a playroom for children, a gallery and a photo studio.

The first floor: a room for seminars, a room to rest, a room for classes.

The second floor: hostel that will include three rooms, each having 12 beds.

The house will be situated in the city centre.

Financial support: 250,000-300,000 euro

We are contacting the Council of Riga to discuss the possible support of our project. We meet investors and launch a platform for the possible support from society.

Necessary to raise: 300,000 euro
Already raised: 368 euro
Left to raise: 299 632 euro
Our supporters:
— Alexander Morozov, Marija Balitskaya, Aleksey Yeremenkov, Anonymous, Mayrina Zarybina, Andrej Voronov

Bank account:
Young Folks LV
Swift: HABALV22 
Aim of transaction: Project #001 Youth Centre YF