Theatre as a cultural heritage
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Project that we love
In the end of project our perfomance, that we made as a final result, was published in local news paper. In the really really last day all participants met in Tbilisi and made for the last time part of perfomance together.
Quotes of participants
"Feel the bone , I have not felt after khachapuri."
"Good, but not enough."
"I quit thinking."
"Afraid - don't be afraid."
"If you want to make a man great you should inspire women."
"I'm a suitcase in art."
See, how it was
Day 1
Logo and flags of organizations
Hello everyone, it was our first day and the first events.
The day began with team building from the Ukrainian team. They called in fact about themselves, stayed atoms and monkeys. And then they divided into three groups and started walking in five locations:
1) Find the total.
2) Draw a portrait of his neighbor.
3) Dance copying movements.
4) Tell the truth about yourself and not quite.
5) Play Bingo.
After that, we became in a circle and made each other nice, that is, did a massage.
After that, we were presented with the start of the project. We ourselves have written the rules by which we will live these 9 days.
Next, we were divided into three teams:
1) Photographers.
2) Scribes.
3) Those who will follow who will say what (the prototype of the police of thoughts) and write it down in quotes.
And some of us were given a pendant in the form of a dolphin, which we need to get rid of. But this can only be done secretly, and only if the other person answers "No" to your question. And how can you trust those around you after this
After a quiet hour, we all decided to play some kind of game, where someone said their expectations, and the rest, whose expectations were the same, changed places among themselves.
Then there was a delicious lunch and a quiet hour, during which the team and I prepared for the Ukrainian evening.

Day 2
Today the day was full of sun, theater, history, postal notes and a beautiful national evening from Poland. In the morning we woke up with the energizer "the sun is shining for... ", then with pleasure all countries presented their national theater world, which opened eyes to many cultural aspects of each country in particular. After lunch, we learned the history of the theater, where it came from, how it developed and what it has come down to our days. Then we tried ourselves in the role of actors, which also helped us understand better with what it eats. The evening ended with an abundance of letters in the mail and, of course, a beautiful national evening in Poland.
Day 3
Photo with locals
The morning traditionally began with an Energizer, during which we divided into teams for the next task. ️Each team received different questions related to Georgian culture, they had to ask the local, collect information and present in a free form. Presentations turned out great, someone had funny videos, someone scenes.
Next, we learned the art of theater, feel yourself and your partner on stage and work as a single organism. We applied our new theatrical knowledge during the presentation of 8 sketches, each of which had a new emotion.
The cherry on the cake of this day was the forum-theater, where various social problems were presented scenes and any of the audience could take part in the game and resolve the conflict that appeared on the stage. The forum theatre addressed the following issues:
1. Gender equality,
2. Domestic violence,
3. Right to choose,
4. Fake news,
5. Immigration
All conflicts were well played and solved by introducing other participants into the game
Day 4
Rabati castle group picture
So, that was the 17.10.2019 and it was definitely unforgettable day
The day started as always: breakfast, energizer, some preparations and so on. But next we finally went outside and it was something wowing
First was the Green monastery in the ravine of rocky mountains, where we could breathe some kind of saint spirit of restored Middle ages
Next we got to the fortress, where we could see breathtaking views of the whole town from its towers. So everyone now have planty of beautiful photos of unique Georgian landscapes and architecture. Actually there we also performed our Mannequin challenge A big frozen figure of different folk dances was created due to us
Then we appeared to be at the famous Borjomi's park Tryed some water from the spring, saw the waterfall, and other local attractions
The Georgian cultural evening was like icing on the cake It gave us an opportunity to get in touch deeper with its customs and traditions. We were saying cheerful toasts about friendship of our countries and maintaining cultural heritage through the ages, what was followed by drinking wine from the special horn or bowl. Traditional cuisine, dancing, singing, sharing positive expressions — that all were present on this wonderful evening.
Unfortunately everything good must finish once. So that happened to this day as well. While someone were singing out loud songs in the bus, the day was closer and closer to its end. So at 00:00 we started the new one with its own exquisite and precious moments.
Love you all, guys, you are amazing ❤
Your sincerely,
Darya Lazouskaya

Day 5
Moldova's cultural evening
Day 5 began with the attack of a bear on the parties to the exchange.
Unfortunately, he managed to bite a few slow people, but in the end we were able to break away from him and throw into the den-a box with toys in the children's corner.
After, we had breathing exercises that took all the bad out of our bodies and gave energy and oxygen for the whole day, and the lines from the master class on speech all day sounded in our heads.
In a break the grandiose match Georgia - Latvia took place. won the friendship!
Residents of Bakuriani were shocked by our street performance, filmed us on cameras and admired what was happening.
After lunch, each country presented a national fairy tale, on which the participants further made sketches. It turned out very cool!
In the evening we were waited by the Moldavian evening, meeting participants with bread and salt. it's amazing
There were many dances, delicious candies and interesting facts about this amazing country.
Day 6
This day was really long and full of different activities. Our day begun from amazing energizer managed by Georgian team , where one person needed to guess who started the dance and it was very difficult for some participants.
After absorbing the energy from Georgian energizer we moved to Estonian task about youthpass. 5 randomised teams received different objects, like clocks, floor lamp, etc. and this teams presented their objects and topics about youthpass in a very creative way by making performances.
Furthermore, youthpass performance wasn't our last acting task, because right before the lunch we had second task about performances where we presented national song of our countries like a parady in randomised teams parody, as we did with national legends before.
After super tasty lunch we participated in Ukrainian and Latvian activites which were connected with actor's art. We did some exercises and the most memorable task was when we built one big mechanism from people,so we created such a cool clock mechanism that it is looked like a real clocks.
One of the biggest blocks of this day was a group reflexion where we discussed the project and all the people had a chance to express their opinion about different questions.
The last, but not the least was our biggest cultural evening "Baltic evening" where Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania presented their culture. This event started from mystery speaking on our national languages, then we moved to Estonia where we played charades and danced national dance, then in Latvia we watched a performance about their flag, after that we moved to Lithuania where Lithuanian team presented to us their culture by very experimental way. We were separated into 2 groups and Lithuanian guys shared their culture by food, drinks and interesting facts, so it was awesome, then we sang a remix song and the final part of our party was a song "Baltic evening"
Day 7
group picture in school
Number 7 and it's magic!
Indeed, the 7th day of the project was magical. The emotion has enphasized the day. At the beginning, the emotions of the play preparation, repetions, accommodation, adjustments, all the roles convertations.
The closer the play time had come, the feelings became deeper, stronger, the heart beating was faster, as a clock mechanism, which was played by the participants within the project.
Why so? Because the audience is its greatness--the child, the most sincer spectator. Because the stage was in a Bukuruiani school, sad at the first sight, but very alive through the children glace who were devouring it.
National stories of the participated countries, it's colour and emotions remittion, their music - all of these were brought into the stage through the body language.
The Moldovan hora, has brought the children on the stage, and they were so happy that the #theatre has visited them, and not a usual one, but a multicultural one.
The highest point of the night was the kinkali and it's preparation workshop.
The hospitality, the energy, the dance and the Georgian music- all of these have riched the evening and challenged us to return to Georgia again and again to admire the nature, people and the culture of this extremely kind, warm and hospitable people!

Day 8
Cake "the end" prepared by participants
It was last day of this astonishing project and it's time to make conclusion.
Morning have started from energizers,which were organised by Moldavian team.
First one was "make me applaud you" and second one was energizer,which is releated with rythm and attention.
Second block was organised by Lithuanian team and main action of this block was some kind of etude or something else which name was "Cow is dead".
This is some kind of game or etude where producer after first take can tell,that everything is wrong and he needs new actors with other emotion expression and it can go infinitely.
First takes were about emotions expression and last were about showing steriotypes about all countries,which are participating in this project.
Third part of this day was summary and activities releated to this topic,which were made by Ukrainian team.
Main activity was to devide into national groups and revise all days of this project.
All participants used their creativity skills to show main points of all days by etudes and presentations and express feelings of these days.
So,after that was block and activities about compliments to each other.
First part was related with postcards,everyone got a postcard with own name and every should to skip it around and write a compliment in all postcards.
Second activity was to divide to groups (again) main point of this activity was to support each other,but it was anonymously.However atmosphere was astonishing.
And the last part,it's farwell party.It was beautiful ending of our enormous cool project and every positive memories we will revise in our hearts.