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Riga International Bus Station
We are volunteers from Young Folks!

In May we opened a refugee assistance centre at Riga International Bus Station and now we are helping the most elusive type of refugees - those traveling through Latvia in transit. Many of them are trying to reach their friends and relatives residing in other countries, but there are also those who want to return to Ukraine.

All these people are exhausted, lost, often without money, food and water. We help them find accommodation for 1-2 days and buy tickets, feed them, pick them up, clothe them and provide psychological support.

In November, we have also opened a centre for the distribution of winter clothing for refugees, every day we are visited by approximately 200 people. We work every day from 10:00 to 18:00.
Number of refugees
Everyday we help dozens of families, here is the most recent data :
  • >22,000
    total number of refugees
  • 4234
    in August
  • 5120
    in July
  • 6024
    in June
How to Help?
You can always donate online or bring cash to our centre. From donations, we can pay for temporary accommodation and tickets for those who do not have the money.
Food and Suitcases
We always need food, water, hygiene products and other essentials to give out to refugees. You can buy water/food/suitcase/socks and bring them to us. If you would like to donate used clothes, please wash them and make sure there are no holes.
Become a Volunteer
Our centre operates only because of our volunteers. You can become one of us and help at the bus station or become a driver and help us with moving people.
Tell About Us
Get more people to know about us! Help spread the information by sharing our social media links or this website.

  • €10
    Will help us buy essential supplies such as food, medicine, clothes, and bags.
  • €50
    Will help us pay for a 1-2 night accomodation for a family of refugees.
  • €100
    Will help us pay for tickets and other traveling costs for refugees in transit.
Donate to center
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What people tell about us
Refugee from Kupiansk, Ukraine
Good afternoon. I want to express my gratitude to the volunteers of the city of Riga who help Ukrainians at the bus station. These are simple, young girls who do everything with a smile. They don't just help with tickets, food, arrange accommodation for the night, they inspire hope. Hope for humanity, which we now lack so much. Girls, God bless you, all the best. I will always remember you. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. This is a message from people who were sent to Ireland via Poland-Germany

Alexander and his family
Refugees from Pardubice, Ukraine
I convey to everyone a huge hello to everyone who is not indifferent, from the family of Alexander, Elena, Lev and Sevastian from the city of Pardubice. I wanted to say that I am grateful for everything that you have done for our family, in the Czech Republic we have not received even one percent of the help that we received from you, to be precise, we have not received any help at all and now we appreciate your work even more. Please pass on our family's thanks to all of your staff.

Elena and Oleg
Refugees from Kharkiv
Heartfelt gratitude to you for organizing our move, for your care, support and attention! We were put on the ferry, although all hope was already lost. All the best to you, may the Lord bless you with every arrangement in life and meet all your needs, just as you meet the needs of others.

With love to you, Oleg and Lena.
Refugee from Kupiansk, Ukraine
Thank you very much for your center! Almost at midnight, when nothing worked and there were nowhere to go, you escorted me to the bus stop, given a pass and sent me to the airport. Special thanks to volunteer Maria! The whole world rests on such people. What you do is great victory!!!

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