Rent of the Young Folks youth office center at Skolas 27

Our main goal is to create an environment and space where each person will have the opportunity to freely self-actualize, gain knowledge, find a favorite business and earn money. The office embodies these ideas in others, making them real!
The head office of Young Folks LV is located in the center of Riga. The whole life of Young Folks is concentrated in this place. Here children and teenagers gather in thematic clubs, work meetings and educational events are held.

Only in 2021, this place accepted more than 410 young people who conducted more than 600 classes. In order for members to continue to create, learn, and grow with YoungFolks, and to keep this place alive, we need your help to keep it running.
The main youth office of Young Folks LV is located in the center of Riga, at Skolas 27. We started renting it from May 2018. The room consists of 4 rooms, a corridor and a kitchen - a total of 111 m2. This office has become a second home for more than 410 young people and helps to develop themselves and spend their leisure time absolutely free of charge.
In addition to space for events and work meetings, here teenagers participate in more than 20 clubs of interest, meet friends, cook and do their homework. The youth office is the center of activity for young people. And in 2021 alone, about 600 classes were held in it.
What does Youth Center needs funding for
Rent and utilities
900 eur/month
Food and water
95 eur/month
27 eur/month
Safety system
13 eur/month
4 rooms, corridor and kitchen;
total area 111 m2
Communal payments
Water, electricity, heating, waste disposal
Safety system
The office has an alarm system
During various events and work snacks and hot drinks are provided
Water "Venden"
In the YF office there is always a free access to drinking water
Lighting and electricity so that we can use all appliances
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Depending on the donation amount, you will receive an award created by us, Young Folks! (fill out the receiving form after a successful transaction)

One of the ways to help is to tell your friends about the project
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