Construction of the Youth center in Plavnieki

Young Folks strives to go beyond. The first goal is to go beyond the center of Riga and build modular youth centers in residential areas. The centers will provide an opportunity for children and teenagers in bedroom communities to access opportunities they did not have before, join our movement, and in doing so, change the face of neighborhoods together. Modular centers will be a new center of youth activity and education that you can bring to life.
We go beyond not only non-formal education, but also expand to new audiences. Every year, Young Folks hosts over 600 classes and activities for all ages: YF kids 7-11, YF Teens 12-15, Youth 16+ and even Forever Young parents. We help over 500 young people acquire new skills, passions and personal growth. Now it's time to go beyond studios.

At the moment, YF has two premises - the main educational center Skolas and the art workshop "Karton". But we set new goals, reaching a new level. These are studios not only in the center of Riga, but also youth centers in sleeping areas: Plavnieki, Kengarags, Purvciems, Ziepniekalns, Ilguciems, Mezhciems and Imanta.

The motivation is that many children and teenagers under the age of 14-15 cannot go to the center and attend our events on their own. The centers will provide new opportunities and activities for children. Regardless of location, everyone will be able to receive non-formal education for free, participate in new clubs and create their own.

Together we will change the appearance of the districts, improve the territory and make modular houses new centers of youth projects. This is a space for children's leisure, the development of adolescents and family activities.

What is our building plan?
Plavnieki will be the first district for the modular project. Why? This is not only one of the most populated areas in Riga, but it also hosts the largest group of YF teenagers - about 100 people, led by our leader Richard.

To date, we have found land for rent in the Plavnieki area on Ulbrokas street, and also received drawings for creating a project and submitting it to Būvvalde. The total cost of the complex is estimated at 70,000 euros, which is a large amount for one organization. That is why we need support.
In and around the center premises we are going to create:

- Learning space for lectures and classes;
- Common room for events and creative activities;
- A room with a projector for watching movies and interactive lectures;
- Terrace and outdoor garden;
- Storage room and garage for storage of inventory and work;
- Kitchen and bathroom;
Our goals for this project
  • 1
    Help teenagers in the districts of Riga gain experience in realizing their potential
    The value of Young Folks is to give everyone the opportunity to find their calling, hobbies and community of like-minded people. At Young Folks, the guys become leaders, learn to write projects, start traveling, tryout themselves at volunteering and doing what they love.
  • 2
    Provide new opportunities
    Thanks to the new non-formal education centers, we will be able to work with children, adolescents and adults in residential areas. Through youth centers, the potential of the district is expanding, and we provide a platform for the implementation of initiatives. This is a safe space for teenagers and young people to find themselves. And also an indicator that a person himself is able to influence his life and create an environment around him. We are able to change the place in which we live, so that children take an example from this and have access to new knowledge.
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    Bring a new round of life to the sleeping areas
    The idea of youth centers in their current form originated as part of the YF Urban Club. Within the framework of the club, the need to enrich our sleeping areas, add space for creativity and self-realization was discussed.

    "We want to change the psychology of the community in residential areas so that residents come to these areas not just to sleep, but to make these areas a full-fledged urban space in which it is pleasant to be," says Olga Vertyaeva, head of the Urban Studies Club.
For this project, we need your help and donations in any amount.

Let's change the lives of young people together!
Support the construction of a youth center in Plavnieki

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