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Kekstarter - is a crowdfunding initiative platform from Young Folks. We raise money for creative youth projects, business startups, the possibility of developing the younger generation, and most importantly, establishment of creative spaces for children and teenagers. Here you can change the lives of young people!
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  • Education
    Young Folks has welcomed over 410 people into it's community over the past year. Thanks to you, we will be able to involve another 500 children and teenagers in the educational activities.
  • Events
    Host 300 more events at Karton Headquarters and Art Studio
  • Youth projects
    Implement at least 5 more youth projects from our Young Folks members
  • Individual support
    10 children will have the opportunity to go to the camp or travel with Young Folks
Find the project you want to help
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Socially active projects from Young Folks aimed at supporting society and youth

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Projects, business startups and dreams of young people that we want to realize!

News about us
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Журнал Young Folks
We are creating a system, we are creating a community. The guys do not just conduct classes, clubs or participate in them. They grow up together. They begin to understand that it is possible to have fun together, participate in projects, found startups, write Erasmus projects, travel, become a volunteer. About 500 young people a year participate here. They can try their hand at almost any idea - it's like a "sandbox" in which it is safe and secure."
Alexander Morozov
Founder of Young Folks

What do our members say about Young Folks
  • Victoria
    Youth worker
    Thanks to Young Folks LV, I started to travel and discover the world on my own. For 5 years I`ve taken part in more than 18 Erasmus+ projects. I learned how to write projects, got cool colleagues and a cool community!
  • Yana
    Marketing department
    Young Folks gave me opportunities for self-development, finding myself and my interests, as well as new and useful acquaintances! It's great to be in such a big organization where you are surrounded by the same motivated, creative and smart guys.
  • Anastasia
    Leader of the Literature Club
    Young Folks made it possible to make new useful acquaintances. Also I was able to attend clubs of interest, such as a cinema club or a literary club. I was even able to take part in the role of the leader of the club, and show my organizational skills.
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