Language camp in Italy

The youth club from YF is a space for self-development of children from 15 to 19 years old.In it, everyone can hold their own lecture, invite a speaker, arrange a master class and just have fun.
This club is about development, so the guys decided to organize their own language camp in Italy. This is a short term Italian language course in Naples for teenagers. You can help the guys organize a trip or arrange it for someone. Join us.
Every week in the YF youth club, the guys learn something new about themselves and society, and also attend self-development trainings together. That is why one of their main initiatives was a language camp in Italy. This is an opportunity for 15 teenagers to go to Naples for 14 days to learn Italian in a language environment. The camp provides daily lessons and communication with native speakers, practice with local teenagers, as well as accommodation with local families, for greater immersion in the culture and environment of Italy.
Since Young Folks is for the exchange of experience and common development, it is important for us and our participants not only to learn something new, but also to immediately put it into practice. During this time, the guys will not only learn Italian at a basic level, but will also be able to feel the whole atmosphere, culture and customs while living and communicating with native speakers every day. For this initiative, we need your help to implement it. To ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity, we make the language camp free for teenagers, but we cannot cover all the costs in full.
Cost per one teenager
Two-way ticket
200 eur
Family housing payment
200 eur
Living expenses
150 eur
Other expenses
Payment for teachers
420 eur
Payment for native speakers
500 eur
Consumables for events
150 eur
Overall target: 9270 euros for 15 teenagers

You can help the guys organize a trip, unforgettable memories and experiences. Or even provide them to someone! Join us!
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