Rent of the art studio "Karton"

Karton is a space for creativity and non-formal education. Here, young artists begin their journey, learn to draw their first paintings, train in graphic design and meet artists.

We want big ideas and people to continue to be born in this small place! Therefore, it is your help that can make the dream of a young artist come true.
Karton is an art studio that focuses on non-formal education in the visual arts. The studio is located in the center of Riga, at 11. Novembra Krastmala 35. This small place has everything for the development of children and teenagers in art: desktops, shelves for canvases and tools, easels, installations, places for exhibiting works and even a piano with a view to the Old City.
In the studio, students learn not only to draw, but a community of young artists gathers here, which arranges themed weeks and creative evenings. Paid courses provide skills in academic drawing, graphic design, and scratching. Karton develops creative skills in children from 7 to 11 years old, holds educational events and lectures for teenagers.

The studio values freedom of creativity and self-expression. Appreciates and helps every artist, regardless of age or level. Here they develop and develop their skills. The main goal is to reveal this in every creative person.
The teachers and the team of our studio learn and share not only life experience, but also skills from other art schools. This is an exchange of methods and techniques for the development of creativity.
Among our achievements
Only in the last year, thanks to the Karton studio, we wrote 3 youth initiatives and received financial support from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Riga City Council.

This helped to organize free classes in casting figures in plaster, making canvases and notebooks.

Also "Karton" helps its students in preparing for the entrance exams to J. Rozental's art school and the Latvian Art Academy.
One of the most important advantages of this art studio is a huge selection activities and openness to new ideas. Anyone who has a desire to develop, discover something new, learn for themselves and help others learn will be welcome at Karton.
What are we fundraising for?
Большую часть наших расходов составляет арендная плата и коммунальные платежи, которые составляют 545 евро.
Также мы обеспечиваем комфортную для детей и подростков среду в офисе. У каждого есть доступ к еде и закускам, питьевой воде и горячим напиткам.
289 eur/month
Communal payments
229 eur/month
Snacks and drinks
27 eur/month
4 rooms, corridor and kitchen;
total area 111 m2
Communal payments
Water, electricity, heating, waste disposal
During various events and work snacks and hot drinks are provided
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