Support local youth

For 10 years, Young Folks has created an environment around itself for the development of local guys.
This is a comfortable space for the leisure of children and teenagers. To make it even more accessible, YF is launching a fund to support local youth.
The fund will pay for trips, travel, events and summer camps for those whose financial means do not allow it.

We believe that experiences and memories should be accessible to everyone. It is YOU, who together with us, can give a child or teenager a chance to get them.
In 2021, 17-year-old Ira came to us (name changed for security reasons). She actively participated in events and quickly became one of the Young Folks. As it turned out later, she did not have the opportunity not only to pay for a trip to the camp, but also to buy suitable clothes. Her parents were deprived of parental rights, because the teenager did not even have new shoes. Instead of turning a blind eye to this, the YF team and volunteers raised 500 euros for shopping for Ira. Together we bought clothes for the whole year, and also provided a free summer camp.
The YF Youth foundation is about making opportunities available to everyone. About the fact that regardless of financial capabilities, every child deserves to receive emotions and memories. We surround ourselves with understanding people who are ready to help everyone. Our participants not only take experience, but also make their contribution. Those who come to Young Folks eventually become leaders, volunteers, helpers, organize their own events, and even earn extra money.
However, not all of the opportunities offered by YF may be available to children. These are trips abroad, summer camps and courses where funding is needed for both leaders and participants. Not all parents, and even more so children, can pay for a trip of 800 euros. In such a situation, the youth fund will pay the children the necessary expenses.
Basic expenses per person
Go on the trip with YF travel
Seasonal clothing
Courses, master classes (8 lessons)
Incentive trip
Excursions in Latvia
Your even small contribution will help some guys to go abroad with us or participate in activities that were not available until now.
Support local youth

Depending on the donation amount, you will receive an award created by us, Young Folks! (fill out the receiving form after a successful transaction)

One of the ways to help is to tell your friends about the project
Support young folks
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